12 Clean Eating Goals You Should Know

Clean eating is one of those things that you likely hear a lot about. You’ll hear people tell you that it’s all about raw foods that are full of vitamins and nutrients, while others tell you that it means you need to eat foods that have no additives. The real definition of clean eating is the latter. You’re taking out all additives

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Did you know that clean eating refers to not consuming any processed food which contains additives, chemicals, pesticides, and GMOs? Processed food also contains too much sugar and sodium (salt) which harm your body as well as the other lab created ingredients.


Clean eating is about honoring your body, eating healthy whole foods which consist of plant based food. Animal sourced food is never healthy for your body. It is inflammatory and has been shown in thousands of studies to be detrimental for your health. Don’t be fooled by the terms cage free, antibiotic free, or grass fed.


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The best intention you can make is to commit to changing your lifestyle. Your health is your responsibility and only you can make that decision to commit to changing it for the better. 


Once you make the commitment all manner of help will come your way. Your body will begin to heal over time and to feel lighter, and more energized. Connect with others for plant based potlucks and conversation. If you need connect with a plant based nutritionist or plant based naturopathic or functional medicine doctor.


You will feel better and you will be helping animals and the environment as well. Remember the choice always begins with you.


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