Earn Money Watching Movie Previews

How to Earn $300+ A Month Watching Movie Previews

We all know this sounds mind-boggling, but you can literally earn extra money watching movie previews. Do you know you can earn up to 300+ dollars more a month? Get comfy and grab some popcorn because the following companies will pay you to watch movie previews.

1. Inbox Dollars – Earn $225 dollars a MONTH

Earn Money Watching Movie Previews

Inbox Dollars will give you $5 just for signing up with them! Inbox Dollar pays you to watch movie previews, celebrity videos, and the latest news. To earn money through Inbox Dollars, you will need to watch videos in a particular order in their playlist. The playlist will monitor the amount of time spent watching videos and will let you know ahead of time how long the videos are. The playlists can range from several minutes to over 30 minutes.

2. Swagbucks – Earn as You Work

Make Money Watching Movie Previews

It’s super easy to earn some extra cash flow with Swagbucks and they have different categories to choose from: home, travel, and entertainment! You can’t make as much money with Swagbucks that you can with Inbox Dollars, but you can still earn an extra $100 per month. The best thing about Swagbucks is it is also available in a mobile app, making it extremely easy to watch previews on the go or while you’re at work. Another cool feature with the mobile app is you can open a new browser on your phone, turn down the volume and allow the videos to play silently in the background if you are in a quiet environment.

3. Earn Some Small Bucks with MyPoints

MyPoints also pays you to watch videos by giving you 25 points per dollar you spend. Once you earn a hefty amount of points you can cash them in for Amazon gift cards. Unfortunately, MyPoints has a cap of how many videos you can watch a day, resulting in a significantly less amount of money that Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars. On another note, MyPoints has other features that will allow you to rack up some points. These include searching the internet, shopping, and taking surveys.

4. In Theatre Checks Will Pay up to $30 Per Day

Make Money Watching Movie Previews

Everyone loves going to the movies so why not get paid to do so? Grab your popcorn and grab a good seat because Market Force Information is a real thing. Theatres like to collect data on how many tickets were sold on opening day and favorite show times. This is where your job comes in as a “Theatre Checker”. You can fill out a short application if you are Canadian or a United States resident to become a secret shopper. If approved in the application process you may land roles as open checks, trailer checks, blind checks, advertisement checks, sneak checks, and comprehensive checks.

5. Apply with Netflix

Netflix posts job online to apply for multiple careers all over the world. Who wouldn’t want to work for Netflix?

If watching videos and going to the movies is a hobby of yours, then why not make some extra cash doing what you enjoy? Many of these companies offer a sign on bonus of $5 and the cash is extremely easy to earn. I’m sure I can speak for most that the extra money would come in handy during the Holidays!

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