8 Keto Breakfasts Ready In 5 Minutes Or Less

8 Keto Breakfasts Ready In 5 Minutes Or Less

Eggs are perfect for Keto breakfast on a low-carb diet, and hugely popular. But what are the most popular low-carb egg breakfasts ever? Check them out below. Of course, feel free to eat these dishes for lunch or dinner as well.

1) Keto Cereal Recipe – Breakfast “Crunch” – Sugar Free & Gluten Free!

If you’re wondering, what are the lowest carb cereals around for your diet is, this keto cereal has to be it! Via (Via Keto Kitchen )

how to make keto cereal

2) Keto frittata with fresh spinach

This gorgeous dish looks beyond impressive, yet is amazingly simple to make! Spinach, eggs, sausage or bacon, and veggies magically combine into a divine feast for the eyes…and the tummy. It’s keto gold! (Via Diet Doctor )

3) Classic bacon and eggs

One of the all-time best keto breakfasts ever! Step up your bacon and eggs game with this mouth-watering version. Gauge your hunger meter and enjoy as many eggs as you need to feel satisfied. We’re drooling just thinking about this dish of keto deliciousness! (Via Diet Doctor)

4) Keto pancakes with berries and whipped cream

Try these incredible keto cottage cheese pancakes and you’ll never go back to regular flapjacks! Our berry topping gives them just the right amount of sweetness and the kids will love them too! (Via Diet Doctor)

5) Keto mushroom omelet

Looking for a quick and easy way to start your day? This hearty omelet is super healthy, and just takes a few minutes to make! Fresh mushrooms make a delicious filling. Enjoy this keto meal anytime — breakfast, lunch or dinner! (Via Diet Doctor)


7) Low-carb banana waffles

Love waffles? Adore bananas? Waffles plus bananas equals perfection as far as we’re concerned! Try these delicious, dairy-free low-carb waffles and kick off your day in an awesome way. We love them! (Via Diet Doctor)

8) Low-carb baked eggs

A perfect low-carb marriage of eggs and beef… yes, please! Whip up this tasty gem anytime—breakfast, lunch or dinner—and dig in. Your taste buds will thank you! (Via Diet Doctor)

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