10 Foods That May Benefit Your Brain Better Than Antidepressants

If you suffer from depression and think there is no way out, please give natural options a try. Nature is more powerful than we will ever know and our bodies are capable of so much when we give them exactly what they’ve always needed from the start.


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Did you know that by consuming plant based real whole foods you can help your brain to fight off depression? Rather than taking harmful drugs known as antidepressants and over the counter drugs that many physicians recommend, you can actually make a huge difference by choosing plant based food and exercise.

The psychiatry industry and the pharmaceutical industry work together to tap into the vulnerability of people with depression. This is a big money making industry. Be aware.

Health Tips;

Plant based foods, including greens, cruciferous veggies, and nuts/seeds contain the important B vitamins which help your brain’s cognitive areas. When you eat the healthy plant foods you’re getting the necessary omega 3’s healthy fat which is essential for your brain. Avoid animal based fat as it erodes your brain.

Your body doesn’t supply it so you have to consume healthy fat every day. Your brain is composed of almost 60 percent fat. Taking Clary Sage oil also helps your brain function. You can buy it at

What is truly critical for your brain’s health is that you have to take B12 everyday. This vitamin is best delivered to your body in an organic bacterial form. LifeGive Supplements offer several varieties of B12.  Make sure to buy Food based B12 is you’re not buying from LifeGive.

LiveGive’s B12 supplement helps you in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease providing you’re following a healthy plant based real whole food lifestyle with no processed food and no sugary foods. You can purchase through LifeGive or at

Sea veggies, algae, and sprouts also are very important for your brain and must be consumed everyday. Sea veggies have the most mineral content important for your brain. Algae is the only fat available that is the same as the fat in your brain.

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